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Are you tired of feeling the sides of your stomach squish over the tops of your jeans, every single time you put them on?

Let's change that...

ATTENTION: It's time for you to take massive action and invest in yourself, so you can stop staring at the same body from three years ago, and start confidently building the body you have been dreaming of.

Let me ask you this,

How will it make you feel to drop a pant size, and suddenly turn heads everywhere you go? 

How will it make you feel next time you see a friend you only see once or twice a year, and their first reaction is, "WOW. You look amazing!"

Well I'm telling you that YOU CAN drop a pant size (or two) and become the envy in your circle of friends.

I'm telling you that YOU CAN skyrocket your self confidence by both looking and feeling amazing in YOUR body.

But, before I tell how you can do all this, I have one more question for you.

Are you ready to throw all your excuses out the window, roll up your sleeves, and start sculpting a body you will actually be proud of?

If this isn't you, if you're not ready to invest in yourself and build the body of your dreams, then you should probably stop reading right now.

The Ultimate Weight Loss Bundle isn't for you.

However, if you're sick and tired of feeling the sides of your stomach squish over the top of your jeans every time you pull them on, and you're ready to TAKE MASSIVE ACTION, then keep reading.

The Ultimate Weight Loss Bundle IS for action takers like YOU.



The Ultimate Weight Loss Bundle includes three highly effective weight loss workout programs, designed by a professional personal trainer with over 3,000 hours coaching experience. 

The three highly effective fat burning programs which are included:
  • Five Alarm Fat Loss ($37 value)
    A four week high intensity bodyweight workout plan, which combines the power of strategic meal replacement protein shakes with highly metabolic bodyweight conditioning exercises, to be devastating against body fat. You can do all these workouts from your home in less than 40 minutes per day. 

    Equipment required: Pullup bar and suspension straps (like a TRX)

  • Dumbbell Dozen ($19.95 value)
    Twelve full body dumbbell complexes designed to power-strip stubborn body fat. Dumbbell complexes burn a tremendous amount of calories in a very short amount of time. They are the perfect storm of metabolic madness and time efficient workouts. Once you get a taste of the fat-stripping power of dumbbell complexes, you'll wonder why you would ever use anything else. 

    Equipment required: A pair of moderate weight dumbbells (women, 12-25 pounds; men, 25-45 pounds)

  • Aggressive Fat Loss Challenge ($47 value)
    An aggressive eight week weight loss challenge that takes advantage of high intensity metabolic workouts, plus cutting edge nutrition techniques, like strategic fasting and calorie cycling, to help you drop a pant size (or two) and turn heads everywhere you go.

    Equipment required: A pair of moderate weight dumbbells (women, 12-25 pounds; men, 25-45 pounds)

    NOTE: This is an aggressive weight loss program. It's not easy, or for the faint of heart. However, I've had people lose upwards of 20 pounds (and KEEP IT OFF) by following this plan. Try it if you dare. 


But wait, when you grab the Ultimate Weight Loss Bundle today, you'll also receive....

The Ultimate Booty Blasting Butt Lift Workout ($32 value)

A four week, sixteen workout, butt-focused workout plan to help you confidently tone, tighten, and sculpt the strong and vibrant backside you've been dreaming of. 

Equipment required: Dumbbells and mini-resistance band. 


Between the three professionally designed weight loss workout plans, and the special bonus offer, you're getting:

  • Over 100+ pages of cutting edge nutrition and exercise advice for successfully losing weight; and ACTUALLY keeping it off. No more losing and gaining those same stubborn 10 pounds over and over again
  • Fourteen weeks of high intensity fat-blasting workouts that will help you drop a pant size (or two), increase daily energy, skyrocket confidence, and become the envy in your circle of friends.

  • Four weeks of booty blasting, butt lifting exercises to help you confidently fill out the backside of those jeans, while sculpting and toning that vibrant butt you have always wanted.


So, by now you must be thinking that all this awesome weight loss advice is going to cost a small fortune. 

Well, it would...

If you and I were working together as client and coach, in a 1:1 gym setting, getting all this information would be VERY, VERY expensive. 

To put this in perspective, a one hour session with me at the gym will cost you $90.

Most of my clients come twice a week.

The cost to them is $180 a week, and $720 a month.

$720 a month for just a few hours of coaching!

That adds up fast, and yes, will start to cost you a small fortune. 

These workout plans contain the EXACT same, highly effective, fat-stripping fitness knowledge I impart on my VIP clients, paying me $720 a month (or more).

But, before I tell you the price you'll pay, let me ask you a question.

What will it cost you to stay the same?

Not financially, but emotionally.

What if you wake up 2 years from now, and can still feel the sides of your stomach squish over the top over your jeans every time you put them on....

How will that make you feel?

If the pain of staying the same doesn't bother you, and would rather keep staring at the same body you have now, well I'm sorry, but I can't help you.

Save your money and don't grab the steal of a deal Ultimate Weight Loss Bundle.

It's simply not for you.

However, if you can't bare the thought of waking up two years from now with the exact same body you have right now, then TAKE MASSIVE ACTION. 

Separately, these three highly effective weight loss plans, PLUS the special booty blasting butt lift workout cost over $135.

But, I'm not going to charge you that.

Not even close.

Right now you can grab the Ultimate Weight Loss Bundle (plus BONUS book)
for $32.99.


(How can this be? This is madness.)

Losing weight is not an easy endeavor.

And, if you read this far you're among the elite few who is actually serious about investing in yourself and changing the way your body looks.

I respect the hell out of Action Takers, just like YOU.

So, as a thank you for being a serious action taker, when you grab the Ultimate Weight Loss Bundle today, I'll also through in TWO MORE SPECIAL BONUSES.

  • Special bonus #1- The Ultimate Protein Smoothie Recipe Book. ($15 value)

Contains 41 mouth watering protein smoothie recipes, which taste delicious after a hard workout, and are part of the meal replacement protein shake strategy.

  • Special bonus #2- Seventeen tips and tricks for losing weight WITHOUT ever stepping foot inside a gym 
    ($15 value)

Contains seventeen expert tips and tricks for successfully losing weight, and keeping it off, WITHOUT ever stepping foot inside a gym.

Eliminate weight loss confusion, so you can stop losing and gaining those same frustrating 10 pounds over and over again.


So, with ALL the bonuses included, the Ultimate Weight Loss Bundle is valued at $165. 

But remember, I respect action takers.

The serious action taker cost
for the ENTIRE Weight Loss Bundle
is just

Here's what you need to do in order to take advantage of this HUGE SAVINGS and start building that body of your dreams (you know, the one you haven't stopped thinking about since you started reading this page...)

1. Scroll to the top of this page
2. Click "Add To Cart"
3. You'll be re-directed to the secure checkout page
4. Upon successful checkout, you'll gain immediate access to all three fat blasting workout plans, plus the bonus goodies. 

And, just to put your mind at ease, let me tell you about the 100% money back guarantee. 


100% Money Back Guarantee 

Let me tell you about the 100% money back guarantee, so you can put all your worries to rest, and confidently grab the Ultimate Booty Blasting workout.

All the products here at Tom Coffey Fitness come with a 30 day, 100% money back guarantee.

I know you'll love The Ultimate Booty Blasting Workout, but if for any reason you aren't completely satisfied I will issue you a full refund of your purchase. 

If you wish to have your money refunded email me within 30 days of your purchase asking for a refund.


You'll get a full refund. 



So, ready to stop staring at the same body you're trying so desperately to change, and start sculpting the confident, vibrant body of your dreams?


To start sculpting the body of your dreams, scroll to the top of this page, click "Add To Cart", and complete the secure checkout process.

Upon successful checkout, The Ultimate Fitness Bundle will be available for instant download.

I'm looking forward to seeing you on the other side.

-Tom Coffey