Ultimate Stress Management: Your 3-step plan for decreasing stress

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WARNING: Do not read this unless you're frustrated as hell with your job, get palm sweaty stressed even thinking about going to work, and are on the verge of suffering from early burnout.

ATTENTION STRESSED OUT EMPLOYEES: Do you know why going to work and dealing with asshole bosses is stressful? If you’re a stressed out employee do you know why quitting your job and taking a new one won’t help things get better? It’s true. In fact, most employees stayed stressed forever because they don’t have…

A stress management system

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Anyway, let me tell you a quick story about how my super stressed out accountant friend Mike, who had a kid on the way with his girlfriend, was studying for his CPA exam, AND absolutely hated his job and his boss turned his life completely  around by using a simple stress management system.

Needless to say, this dude was STRESSED, and something big needed to change in his life.

The quick backstory:

Mike and I knew each other from school. After we graduated college both of us stayed another year or so in the same medium sized town in Southeastern Pennsylvania where we went to school together.


I’ll never forget the day I randomly bumped into Mike at one of our local coffee shops and he accidentally changed the trajectory of my life.

(Yes, this town was small enough that you would bump into people you know all the time at the 3 or 4 little local coffee shops.)

So, one day I see Mike waiting in a short line to order his usual Cafe Americana coffee w/ 1 or 2 sugars.

I walk up to him to see if he wants to grab a table together, burn 10 minutes, and catch up. Now here’s where things took a turn for the crazy...

As I’m walking up Mike easily spots me (Small coffee shop. Kinda empty. Not that hard…)
To which I say “Hey Mike, how’s it going brotha?

Ok, real quick...

Have you ever asked a question where you really only want to hear one answer because you’re mostly asking to be polite? The classic one that jumps to mind here is asking a friend who’s moving “Hey, do you need helping moving your sofa this weekend?”

Deep down we all want the answer to be “No, but thanks for asking”...and then they’re like “Yeah, that would be awesome!” That's about the same time when a little part of us dies inside.

Anyway, back to the story...

I really wanted Mike’s answer to my, seemingly innocent question, to be “Dude, I’m great. How are you?” But, I’m so glad that it wasn’t.

Immediately after I asked Mike “how’s it going” he drew in the deepest of breathes, paused for about an eternity, opened his mouth, and let out the longest sigh ever recorded by humans.  

I knew his answer was going to be anything but “I’m great! How are you?

Ok lean in real close, because this is what Mike said to me that day.

He said “Dude, I’m stressed up to my eyeballs. I just failed the second part of my CPA exam, I have a bunch of crazy work deadlines coming up, and me and the lady have a kid on the way (that they didn’t plan). But how are you doing?

Well, being in the business of helping people improve their lives (the business I’m still currently in) I decided to team up with Mike to help him dig himself out from under the mountain of soul crushing stress that was burying him, sucking his will to live, and honestly causing him to burnout at the ripe old age of 26.

And to add more fuel to the raging stress fire that was burning Mike alive, as it turns out his boss was a bit of a narcissistic asshole too.

Mike described this guy as an apple with legs; both because of his short and stout stature, and also I guess the way he would turn red as he was screaming into the face of his terrified employees. It sounded like this dude was a ruthless dictator, who randomly picked a different employee each week to bully.

Sounds like a great guy to work for….not.

Over time ( a few months), Mike and I pieced together a system for helping him manage stress, deal with his asshole boss, and actually start having fun in life.

Here’s what we did:

Together, him and I...actually, correction...I started studying the stress and time management methods of high performing humans. People like successful CEOs, authors, Navy SEALs, entrepreneurs, historical figures, presidents of different countries...etc. I wanted to see what commonalities all these high performing humans shared, which allowed them to successfully deal with crazy amounts of stress, while performing at the highest levels possible.

As I started to dig in and notice patterns and commonalities among these high performing humans, Mike and I would brainstorm different stress management tactics and strategies that we thought he could potentially try.

Remember, this was in 2010, and we didn’t yet have the polished and shiny stress management system that we do now. We were in the trenches figuring it out together.

But over the next few months Mike slowly shifted the course and turned the tide of his life. 

He was able to take control of his life (and time) by using a system to organize stress, create action steps around what was important (while ignoring the tasks that weren't), and doing so in a way that was repeatable.

In short, Mike finally had a stress management system that really worked!

Fast forward about 6 or 7 months from when I first bumped into Mike randomly at the coffee shop.

So, he had his kid (a beautiful little girl).

He re-took and passed the second part of his CPA exam, and was studying hard for the third part.

He still worked at the same job, for the same asshole boss, but his demeanor and outlook on life had changed in a big way.

He stopped waking up each day with an intense, almost panic inducing fear about going into the office. For the first time in (probably his whole life) he felt like he was in the driver seat. He had a sense of calm and control in his life that would make even the most disciplined monk jealous with envy.

And, guess what Mike told me after he had finally taken control of his life, decreased his stress and anxiety about work, and even gone on to become a dad.

He told me “Yeah, I’m feeling pretty great right now. How are you doing?

Whoa! Talk about about a major change.

So if this is you and you feel incredibly anxious and stressed about going to work each day,

OR you feel like

you’re getting pulled in 20 different directions at once and don’t have enough hours in the day,

OR you want to

jump into the driver seat and take control of your own life and time, then listen up...

Here’s the deal friend:

I’ve “created” a highly effective 3-step stress management system, modeled after some of the highest performing humans in the world, including Navy SEALS, CEOs, and New York Times best selling authors, called:

“Ultimate Stress Management”

However, it’s definitely not for everyone.

Here’s what I mean…

If you love going to work each day, you’re not stressed about finances or talking with your boss, and life at home is sunshine and rainbows, then you DON’T NEED this stress management system. It’s not for you and you’ll probably be disappointed if you grab it.


If you die a little bit inside every time your alarm goes off because you hate going to work, OR if you’re super anxious about tight work deadlines, working for an asshole boss, or because you’re getting buried under a mountain of soul crushing stress from daily life, then lead me your ears and let me tell you about Ultimate Stress Management…


Listed below are some of pearls of wisdom inside of the Ultimate Stress Management system:

• How to quickly get out of “reactive” mode (aka the passenger seat) and take control of your time at work, without quitting your job, getting fired, or pissing off an angry boss

• The three step, easy to use, stress management system that virtually all high performing humans use (including Elon Musk)

• How to effortlessly decrease stress in a stressful world, especially if you hate responsibility, feel like your brain hurts because it’s so bored, or feel like all your co-workers are idiots

• Why quitting a stressful job won’t magically make things better...but just what you can do about that to make sure any job you work is a stress free and highly enjoyable

• Discover the playbook which will tell you exactly what to do every time life gets crazy stressful, and you feel like you’re getting pulled in 20 directions at once

• How to work for even the meanest of bosses with feeling stressed out, nervous about going to work, or suffering from burnout at an early age

• The Ultimate Time Management system which allows you to take charge of your life, even if you can only spare 10 minutes per day

How to decrease stress and anxiety WITHOUT going to a doctor, taking pills or medication, or even talking to a therapist

•Discover exactly how to successfully operate in multiple times zones at once, without dying at your desk, having a throat closing panic attack, or burning out and hating your life


Anyway here’s the bottom line my friend:

If you’re highly stressed out from work or life,
then you definitely need a system for managing that stress.

And, that's exactly what you’ll get with Ultimate Stress Management.

Now, comes the hard part. It’s time to choose if you actually want start decreasing your stress, or not.

If you do scroll to the top of this page and click the big green Add To Cart button.

From there you’ll be magically whisked away to the secure checkout form to complete your order.

Here’s to stress free living.
-Tom Coffey

Remember, Ultimate Stress Management is not for everyone. If you’re currently not experiencing soul crushing stress, throat closing anxiety, or feelings of intense nervousness, then you don’t need this course.


For those of us who ARE experiencing soul crushing stress, throat closing anxiety, and feelings of intense nervousness, let me help put your mind at ease here by telling you about my 30-day 100% money back guarantee

30 Day 100% Money Back Guarantee

Ultimate Stress Management comes fully loaded with a 30 day 100% money back guarantee. If for any reason you're not 100% satisfied shoot me an email (within 30 days) and I'll issue you a complete refund of your purchase. No questions asked.


Frequently asked questions

Q. Is this a physical or digital product?
Digital. Upon successful checkout Ultimate Stress Management will be available for instant download.

Q. How long is this course?
A. USM is about 30 pages long. 

Q. Why is it so short?
A. Don't be deceived young grasshopper, when it comes to decreasing stress more isn't always better. 

I mean think about it, if a person is highly stressed do you think they really want to read a 150 page novel about how to decrease stress? No. The answer is no! Reading that many pages is, well...stressful. Adding more stress is exactly what we're NOT going to do.

Ultimate Stress Management is a highly tactical, cut-through-the-fluff, system for decreasing stress TODAY. No lengthy reading required.

Q. What happens if I buy this course and end up hating it?
A. If that's the case then shoot me an email within 30 days of your purchase and I'll issue you a 100% money back refund. 

Q. Will I be able to ask you questions along the way?
A. Yes. Feel free to email me anytime with questions:



P.S. While you're all the way down here my friend, I obviously think Ultimate Stress Management is a great course. However, don’t take my word for it. Here’s what other folks have recently said about the course:

"I'm kinda stressed out (and upset about it). I feel like I've failed myself. That's been weighing on my mind pretty heavily. But, it honestly does feel good to have a system that is helping me untangle things in my life."

"You nailed it. I'm actually super busy with a conference all week. The good news is that I feel like I have extra free time while I'm here, because I don't feel as stressed as I normally would at these things."

"Long term planning isn't really my jam. But then again, neither is being stressed. I'm starting to see the wisdom in this approach, and can honestly say I'm starting to love it. Is that weird?"

So, ready to join the Ultimate Stress Management course and start decreasing stress and anxiety today?


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