The Drop One Pant Size Challenge

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Drop a pant size WITHOUT starving, giving up the foods you love, or even counting a single calorie....

Want to finally be able to pull on your favorite pair of jeans without feeling your stomach squish over the sides of them?

What if I told you that you can unlock the world’s oldest weight loss secret without giving up pizza, ice cream, or even Subway sandwiches.

Do you believe me?

See, the problem with the “typical” weight loss diet is that it’s way too restrictive. These diets make you feel like if you eat one piece of delicious cake or enjoy a single glass of red wine that you’ll instantly gain 5 pounds of flab.

This just isn't true. Restrictive diets, well...kind of suck.

I hate restricting food.

I want a cupcake.

A cookie. French Toast with strawberries and blueberries and whipped cream. Blueberry Pancakes. Crepes stuffed with cottage cheese and fruit.

Not a salad. Not Oatmeal.

Not to cry in my car after I go eat with skinny people because they get such good wonderful food like stuffed French toast and whipped cream and I get oatmeal, or get low fat tortilla soup after they eat tacos”
—Real human on a miserable restrictive diet


“I've been dieting for awhile now and I've ran into a problem. I want some real friggin food. Not diet food but food I enjoy eating and I can look forward to.”
—Another real human on a miserable restrictive diet

Besides, why in the world would you voluntarily give up the foods you love anyway?

That sounds miserable.

Listen, food is meant to be enjoyed. Yes, even when you are on a quest to drop a pant size you should still enjoy the foods you eat.

Think of your all-time favorite food. You know the one—the food that makes your mouth water even while you are thinking about it right now.

For me it’s BBQ chicken pizza with spicy sauce from this small little pizza joint called Alfonzo’s. So good.

What is that food for you?

Now, that you have your favorite mouth watering food in mind, here’s what I want you to do: Put that food onto your “banned” food list. Common, we’re talking weight loss here people. If you have even a single bite of your favorite mouth watering food you’ll anger the weight loss Gods and be destined to forever feel the sides of your stomach squish over your jeans when you put them on.

Oh you also love alcohol do you?

Let’s add that your banned food list as well. Yes, no more alcohol. Not one single drop may even touch your tongue.


Placing foods on a “banned” list like they are some sort of evil propaganda…

Do you hear how ridiculous this sounds?

Yet this is exactly what most “typical” weight loss diets tell you to do. That’s also why most weight loss diets suck out loud and are downright miserable to follow.

Here’s the truth: People want to lose weight, but they don’t really want to give up the mouth watering foods they love.

And, you can't blame them. Food is meant to be enjoyed.

There has to be a better way to effortless drop that first pant size without starving yourself or giving up the foods you love.

Fortunately, there is.

Hear me say very plainly that you already possess at your fingertips the power to unlock the world’s oldest weight loss secret. What is this ancient and mysterious weight loss technique you’re wondering?

Intermittent fasting.

(The cool kids just call it IF)

Fasting is simply the planned act of not eating for a period of time. Yes, IF is the world’s oldest form of weight loss. Simple, right? Fasting is a powerful ally in the fight against an expanding waistline.

✔️ Fasting is a diet multiplier. Meaning you can stack it on top of whatever foods you're currently eating to effortlessly control calories coming in.

✔️ Fasting makes eating simple so you can spend less time worrying about food, and more time doing the things you love to do with your free time.

✔️ Fasting is supremely flexible and fits nicely into even the busiest of work or vacation schedules. Now, you no longer have to feel guilty for eating the local cheesecake while on vacation.

✔️ Best of all, fasting makes weight loss fun again. You get to enjoy effortless weight while continuing to eat the foods you love. If that's not a life win I don't know what is.

In “Drop One Pant Size” you’ll discover exactly how to:

✔️ Make fasting work within your own life, regardless of having a busy work schedule, a family at home, or friends who just don’t get it.

✔️ Effortlessly drop your first pant size by manipulating strategic eating windows; all while continuing to EAT THE FOODS YOU LOVE

✔️ Combine fasted exercise with IF to unleash the potent fat-blasting monster that these two create.

✔️ Put together your own hunger emergency plan, so you aren't left guessing what to do when you're feeling a bit ravenous.

Take a look inside the entire challenge!

Awesome weight loss results from real humans...using these EXACT methods

You already know I think this course is awesome (obviously).

But, don’t take my word for it. Below are the results some of my other students have gotten using the exact same diet and weight loss hacks you’ll discover in “Drop One Pant Size”:

Pretty cool, right?

Everything included in the Drop One Pant Size challenge:

✔️ 4 week intermittent fasting program designed for effortless weight loss, WITHOUT giving up the foods you love

✔️ 8 week high-intensity exercise plan designed to melt off even the most stubborn of body fat, WITHOUT having to go to the gym

✔️ Video demonstrations of every exercise so you don't have waste time guessing what an exercise is supposed to look like

✔️ Over 2 hours of video broken into mini video lessons, to eliminate frustration about weight loss so you can enjoy an effortless weight loss 

✔️ Lessons on creating your hunger emergency plan. What happens when you get hungry? After developing this plan you'll know exactly how to mange hunger with the skill of a monk

✔️ 4 week calorie cycling plan so you can maximize weight loss WITHOUT giving up the foods you love or starving yourself. Yes, even includes "epic" cheat days from time to time.

✔️ The plan for what to do after you achieve your goal. What happens if you drop a pant size, but don't want to lose any more weight after that? What will you do to keep that weight off for years to come? You'll discover the exact steps to ensure long-term weight loss success.


So, are you ready to drop one pant size 
WITHOUT starving, giving up the foods you love, or even counting a single calorie?

If your answer is a resounding YES click the button below. You’ll be taken to the secure PayPal checkout page where you can complete your order.

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100% Money Back Guarantee

Alright, I know that you’re chomping at the bit to get started.

However, I want to help put your mind at ease and let you know you are making a great decision. Drop One Pant Size comes with a 30 day, 100% money back guarantee.

This means that you can try the program for up to 30 days. If you decide it’s not for you email me and I’ll issue you a full refund of your purchase. No questions asked.

So, are you going to try another crazy restrictive, kind of miserable diet that will make you give up pizza?

Or, are you ready to harness the fat-blasting power of intermittent fasting and get started effortlessly dropping your first pant size?

Choose wisely…


Q. What if I tell my friends, family, or co-workers that I’m fasting and they think I have an having eating disorder?

A. Well, first of all you don’t need to tell your friends or co-workers at all. And, frankly people like to gossip and judge. I wouldn’t tell them if you don’t they think they’ll be anything less than 100% supportive.

But….I get that people are going to ask.

So just tell them you’re making a conscious decision not to mindlessly eat anymore. That should usually end any further questioning.

Q. Wait, isn’t fasting the same as starving?

A. No. Not even close.

Fasting is a planned or voluntary effort to give up food for a period of time. When you’re fasting you know roughly when your next meal will be.

Starving is the unplanned or involuntary withdrawal from food. When you’re starving you have no idea when your next meal will be.

Q. What happens if I get really hungry before my fasting window is up?

A.  When you’re not eating for long periods of time feeling hungry is inevitable. However, it’s not an emergency. In this course I’ve a worksheet + corresponding video to help you develop “Your Hunger Emergency Plan”. It outlines exactly what to do when you start to get hungry during a fast.

Q. How can I intermittently fast and still enjoy breakfast with my kids?

A. Look, the bottom line is that if eating breakfast with your kids is high on your priority list that’s fantastic. You don’t need to give that up just to fast. You can play around with the fasting window to include breakfast time with the kiddos.

For example: say they eat breakfast at 7am most days. You can simply settle on something like a 12/12 fast (12 hours of fasting, 12 hours of eating) and eat between 7am-7pm. The beautiful thing about fasting is that you can easily adjust the fasting window to fit within the context of your life.

Q. How can I fast if my work schedule is constantly changing?

A. I know what you’re feeling here. Life in the Army was super busy, and our schedules were always changing. Honestly, you may want to try eating one huge meal per day, and supplementing the rest of your food with a few smaller snacks and/or protein shakes throughout the day. But rest assured, in this course I outline a three step fasting framework which you can use with even the busiest of work schedules.

Q. How will I get enough protein?

A. A big part of this course involves the use of big, hearty protein shakes to replace full meals. Protein shakes are a highly convenient (and fairly cheap) way to ensure that you’re getting enough protein each day.

Q. I’m eating keto/vegan/paleo/Akins/insert any other diet here, can I still use this course?

A. Yes, absolutely. Intermittent fasting is a diet multiplier. Meaning you can add it on to whatever diet you’re currently doing to make it much more effective--both for health and weight loss.

Q. What if I do these four weeks but don’t drop a pant size?

A. Losing a pant size really comes down to how much weight you have to lose to begin with. An individual looking to drop 100 pounds will notice much faster weight loss results than an individual looking to drop 6 pounds.

With that being said, if you don’t drop a pant size then I suggest keeping your fasting window the same and re-doing the four weeks of workouts. These workouts are designed to rev up your metabolism and turn you into a fat-burning machine.

Q. Does this course include workouts?

A. Yes. Four weeks of high intensity workouts to be exact.

Q. What equipment will I need?

A. You’ll need access to dumbbells (or kettlebells) of varying weights. You’ll also need access to a place for sprinting. This can be on a treadmill, a cardio bike, a hill near your house, or even a local playground.

Q. This sounds awesome. I’m ready to get started effortlessly losing a pant size. Where do I go to sign up?

A. Fantastic. I'm pumped to have you on board. To get started scroll to the top of the page and click the greed "Add to cart" button.

You'll be taken to the secure checkout page, where you complete your order.

Upon successful check-out the PDF of Drop One Pant Size will be instantly available for download. 

Looking forward to seeing you inside the challenge my friend.