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Think you can match your deadlift total with your one mile run time?

Could you run a 30 mile obstacle course race tomorrow?

Admittedly, few people can do either.

However, these are the type of questions that must get asked if you are to become a hybrid athlete.

Training like a hybrid athlete means:

You seamlessly blend many aspects of fitness into a workout that makes you good to great at lots of different types of exercise.

For example:

Being able to match your deadlift and mile numbers means that you can deadlift the same amount of weight as it takes you to run a mile.

Deadlift 550 lbs
Run a mile in 5:50

Again, many people will never achieve this, but that's not the point.

Training for, what may seem like, unrelated physical events was once thought to make you a worse athlete - not a better one.

However, over the years training like a hybrid athlete has become THE go-to training plan of:

  • Elite military operators, like Army Rangers and Navy SEALS

  • Elite Crossfit Games athletes

  • Obstacle race enthusiasts

  • Even, the mother of 3

But, why train like a hybrid athlete in the first place?

Well, for one it’s fun. 

Training like a hybrid athlete breaks the chains of monotony that you find in most soul-crushingly stale workout plans. 

Training like a hybrid athlete affords you the opportunity to participate in a wide range of cool physical events, including:

 Going for extended day hikes to the most beautiful, hard to reach, places on Earth

  Running an Ironman triathlon without crushing your body into the ground for weeks afterwards

  Running an a super hard obstacle course race, such as The Spartan Ultra Beast (30+ miles) or The World's Toughest Mudder (24 hours)

 Entering a power lifting competition while still being able to maintain single digit bodyfat percentage

  Crushing ski season without getting hurt, winded after day 1, or feeling super sore for the first three weeks while you "get your legs back"

 Climbing 14,000 foot mountains with your buddies, just because you can 

 Even, just building mental fortitude for the randomness of daily living

And the list goes on.

Now, you many not actually do any of the aforementioned things, but the point is that training like a hybrid athlete WILL allow you to do them - you know...should you choose to flex your awesomeness muscle (which you should do from time to time).

Now, don't you agree that working out like a hybrid athlete has a lot of awesome benefits?

Yeah, I think we're starting to see eye-to-eye here.

Which brings us to the whole reason we're talking right now in the first place - The Hybrid Athlete 180 Workout Plan

Pull up a chair, lean in real close, and let me tell you more about this my friend...

What is The Hybrid Athlete 180 Day Workout Plan? 

  • A 180 day workout plan, designed to challenge every aspect of fitness

  • It's broken up into (4) six-week workout phases:

    Phase 1 - Strength building phase 
    Phase 2 - Power building phase
    Phase 3 - Endurance and work capacity phase
    Phase 4 - Intensity phase

  • Each phase has a specific and clearly defined focus, but definitely has crossover of all the other areas of fitness as well

  • This is the same type of "block" workout plan that I used to maintain a high level of real-world functional fitness, while carrying a machine gun as an Army Ranger. 

What equipment will I need access to?

The ideal setup for this workout plan is to be a fully equipped gym, or have an awesome home gym setup of your own. 

Depending on what phase you're on you'll need access to the following equipment:

  • Barbell
  • Sandbags
  • Rucksack
  • Bumper plates
  • Dumbbells (or kettlebells)
  • A place to run hills (or a treadmill with an incline)
  • Various cardio machines (ie...stair climber and elliptical)

Is this a beginner level workout plan?


Let me be very frank here - THIS IS NOT A BEGINNER LEVEL PROGRAM.

This is a workout plan designed to take experienced gym goers and help them make the transition to becoming a hybrid athlete.

Before starting this workout plan it’s expected that you already know how to do all the olympic lifts properly.

It’s expected that you already know how to squat, deadlift, and press weight over your head correctly.

It’s expected that you at least know what rucking is, even if you haven’t done much of it before.

There are no exercise tutorials in this plan.

We’re here to crank the intensity dial up to level 11 and make big time moves on becoming hybrid athletes.

We’re not going to spend time talking about why your tight ankles are restricting your triple extension in the snatch.

So, I’ll say it again:

If you don’t know how to do the big strength lifts, perform the olympic lifts, swing a kettlebell..etc correctly, then you simply aren’t ready for this plan, and I advise you to come back after you’ve learned this stuff.

How will I get this workout plan delivered?

This is a digital product. Aka, an e-book.

Upon successful checkout the 180 day workout plan will be made instantly available for download.

Instant means that you can start training today!

Will I get any bonuses with this workout plan?

Actually, yes. 

Everyone loves bonus gifts. 

Included with this workout plan are the following bonus gifts. Note: These are all PDF's and will be emailed right over to you upon successful checkout.

Bonus gift #1 - The Two Week Plank Challenge

The goal of this little challenge is simple: 

Take two weeks to work up to the hardest plank variation that you can.

Some people may sniff their nose at the plank. They feel as if they are "too good" for a such a simple exercise.

Well, let me tell you dear friend, that the "lowly" plank hold is one of the best core strengthening exercises in the business.

After this little challenge you'll be pleasantly surprised at how much stronger your core is. 

From now on, we shall call you "Iron Core". 

Bonus gift #2 - The Full Body Stretching Guide

Yes, flexibility and mobility are big components of fitness. So is recovering between workouts.

A hybrid athlete needs to be strong, fast, AND flexible.

Truthfully, improving your flexibility will help you decrease the risk of injuries, as well as making you a better overall athlete by eliminating those nasty tight muscles.

Think you'll improve your squat if you improve your ankle flexibility?
Think you'll improve your overhead press if you improve your shoulder mobility?

The answer to both questions is "HECK YES" you will.

The full body stretching guide will help you get there.

Enjoy your new found flexibility.

Bonus gift #3 - Spartan Conditioning 90 Day Sandbag Workout

Pop quiz:

"What is the one of the single best workout tools that you can use to improve total body conditioning?"

Yes, you are correct - The sandbag.

Sandbag workouts mimic the demands of real life better than almost any other workout tool (including barbells, dumbbells, and kettlebells). 


Because sandbag workouts are brutally hard.

Sandbag workouts can even be described as sinister. However, they will help you develop almost "superhuman" levels of total body conditioning (or, functional fitness...whatever you prefer). 

Spartan conditioning is a 90 day total body sandbag workout plan that will help you get into the best shape of your life. 

Bonus gift
#4 - Body By Design II

Sometimes you may not be able to make it to the gym.

That's cool.

Body By Design is the ultimate home workout guide, containing 47 hard hitting dumbbell workouts that you can rock right from your living room.

Once you have this workout guide in your possession, you'll never be left wondering how to get an awesome workout right from your house.

You'll have 47 muscle building, fat blasting workouts to pull from.


Those are pretty darn good bonuses right?
I like to think so.

Anyway, I'm not sure what the total cash value of these four bonus gifts is, but probably close to a million dollars

So, in short, it's a good deal to get these bad boys for free, right?

Well, the bonuses sure are awesome. But, what about a money back guarantee?

Dang, coming in hot with demands here my friend.

But yes, the 180 day Hybrid Athlete Workout Plan comes with a 30 day money back guarantee.

I think you'll absolutely love this workout plan, but if for any reason you don't email me within 30 days of your purchase and I'll issue you a complete refund. No questions asked.

So, ready to start becoming a bulletproof hybrid athlete my friend?


That's a wise choice.

To finish checking out, and grab the Hybrid Athlete Workout Plan today, scroll up and click the big green "add to cart" button.

From there, you'll be taken to the secure checkout page to complete your order.

Again, this is a digital product.

It will be instantly available upon successful checkout. 

Good luck in your journey to become the ultimate hybrid athlete.