21 Day Total Body Dumbbell Workout Challenge

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Ready for an aggressive, in-your-face, leave you lying in a puddle of your own sweat, high intensity total body workout challenge?


Follow me.

The 21 Day Total Body Dumbbell Workout Challenge has teeth and it bites. Honestly, I designed it for one of my military buddies. It's a tough 21 days.

However, if you're not scared (dare I say--intrigued) then come see for yourself.

Take a behind the scenes look at the entire 21 day challenge! 

The Death of the 60 Minute Workout

So I want to shed some light on why 60 minute workouts are overrated...

The honest truth is that the 60 minute workout (and then later the 30 minute workout) was born to fit well within the business model of big brick and mortar gyms.

From a gym scheduling standpoint, being able to fit people into 60 minute time slots makes a tremendous amount of sense.

The problem is that folks have adopted this weird mindset that if they don't workout for 60 minutes per day, then the workout isn't worth doing at all.

This couldn't be farther from the truth.

In fact, I'll even argue that the idea of a 60 minute workout actually holds a lot of folks back. Why? Well, we're all busy, and a lot of us may not actually have the time to workout for 60 minutes. A valid reason for not wanting to commit to 60 minutes of gym time.

But, here's the thing: there's nothing magical about the 60 minute workout. It's just an arbitrary time that fits well into the business model of most gyms.

We shouldn't get too fixated on the "Oh, I must workout for 60 minutes today" mindset.

In fact, when we're talking about "getting a good workout" the intensity of effort is far more important that worrying about the length of the workout.

  • Intensity of effort = how hard we work during the workout
Lets say on a 1 to 10 intensity scale, 1 is the equivalent of waking up from a nap, and 10 is the equivalent of running full speed because we're getting chased by a tiger. 

For most workouts we should be looking to stay between a 6-7. Occasionally we can ramp the intensity up to an 8,9, or 10. However, as intensity increases, the time of the workout should decrease. 

Ok, let's do a quick recap here.
  • There's nothing magical about 60 minute workouts--that number just fits nicely into the business models of most gyms

  • Intensity of effort = how hard we're working. Intensity is more important than the length of the workout

  • As intensity increases, the total length of the workout should
This makes sense, right? I mean it's almost impossible to exercise full bore for 60 minutes. And, there really isn't much of a need to do so anyway. 

Actually, speaking of time efficient high intensity workouts I just wanted to  extend an invitation to join the (very hard) 21 day total body workout challenge. 

This challenge was designed for my military buddy. Yeah, it's tough.

I designed this workout challenge for one of my military buddies...so yea, it's going to be quite hard. But, none of the workouts should take 60 minutes though. They are designed to be fast paced, aggressive, but like pulling off a band-aid, over quickly.


Because the intensity levels of the workouts are through the roof.

The 21 day total body workout challenge is designed to keep intensity levels at an 8,9, or even 10 for close to all of the workout days. Yes, there are "easy" days built in for recovery purposes, but the actual workouts are quite hard.

So, ready to dive into the challenge?

Frequently Asked Questions

To help eliminate any confusion listed below are some of the most frequently asked questions regarding working out at home with dumbbells. 

Q. I'm kind of new to working out. Is this a good challenge for me?
A. No. Not to discourage you, but this is an intermediate to advanced level challenge. However, if you're looking for a full body workout plan for beginners I encourage you to click the link below and checkout the full body workout plan designed for beginners: 

The Blueprint To Fitness 30 day full body workout plan for beginners.

Q. What equipment do I need for this challenge?
A. Just a pair of dumbbells and a place to do burpees.

Q. Do I need a gym membership to rock this challenge?
A. Nope. If you have the dumbbells you can literally do this from your anywhere. No gym needed.

Q. What weight dumbbells should I buy?
A. It’s best to have a few different weight dumbbells you can use. However, if you only want to buy one set of dumbbells I recommend buying them in the “moderate” weight range.

Obviously, what feels moderate to one person will feel different to the next person. But, to give you a general range, listed below are my light, moderate, and heavy recommendations for both men and women.

For women I recommend having a pair in each of the following weight ranges:
• 8-12 lbs (light)
• 15-25 lbs (moderate)
• 30-40+ lbs (heavy)

For men I recommend having a pair in each of the following weight ranges:
• 15-25 lbs (light)
• 30-45 lbs (moderate)
• 50-70+ lbs (heavy)

Q. Where is the best place to buy dumbbells?
A. You can get them on Amazon, Craigslist, Walmart, or local sporting goods store like Play-It-Again Sports, or Dicks Sporting Goods. I personally buy my dumbbells from Play-It-Again Sports and Craigslist.

Q. How long will these workout take me each day?
A. The actual length of each workout varies day-by-day. However, these workouts are designed to be done from your living room, in less than 45 total minutes/ day. Yes, that may seem short, but I assure you that you won’t want some of the more metabolic workouts to last longer than 45 minutes.

Q. What areas of fitness will these workouts improve?
A. I’ve written this dumbbell challenge to be strength and cardiovascular focused. However, listed below are the areas of fitness that you’ll likely see improvement in:
• Mobility
• Strength
• Stamina
• Flexibility
• Durability
• Aerobic performance
• Anaerobic performance
• Increased mental toughness

Q. What if I don’t know what an exercise is?
A. Every workout has an associated video demonstration linked to it. You can find the video demonstration list in Appendix A. If you’re not sure what an exercise looks like please watch the video demo first. If you still aren’t sure shoot me an email: tom@tomcoffeyfitness.com

Q. What if I have more questions along the way?
A. I am always happy to help answer your question(s). Email is the fastest way to get a hold me. Shoot me an email with your question(s)→ tom@tomcoffeyfitness.com


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So, ready to step out of your comfort zone and join this (fairly hard) total body workout challenge?


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