The Ultimate Booty Blasting Butt Lift Workout (e-book)

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The Ultimate Booty Blasting Butt Lift workout is a four week butt-focused workout plan, designed to help you confidently build the strong, vibrant backside you have always wanted.

Included in this book:

  • Sixteen booty blasting, butt sculpting workouts, that will help you fill out those jeans and turn heads everywhere you go

  • Full video library with demonstrations for every exercise, so you know exactly what to do without the guess work

Required equipment:

  • Mini resistance band

  • Pair of moderate weight dumbbells



Q. Where can I buy mini resistance bands?
A. Amazon is the best place. Just search for “mini resistance band”. You’ll have a lot of options to choose from. I suggest buying the brand with the highest number of 5 star reviews.


Q. How many dumbbells do I need?
A. Just two. Ideally of the same weight.


Q. What weight dumbbells should I use?
A. This will vary from person to person, but I think a good range is between 12-25 pound dumbbells for females, and between 30-40 pound dumbbells for men.


Q. How long will these booty blasting workouts take?
A. Between 30-45 minutes.


Q. Can I combine these workouts with another workout program?
A. If you are serious about sculpting a better butt then I have to say no. Stick with this program for four weeks. After it’s over you are free to critique it, and move to your next workout program.

I always caution against mixing programs, because doing so dilutes the results of both programs.


Q. How will I know what the exercises are supposed to look like?
A. For your viewing pleasure I’ve included full exercise video demonstrations in Appendix A.

To view the exercise just click on the blue link.

Q. What if I have more questions along the way?
A. Please email me →

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