The Fasting Files: Using science & fasted exercise to build muscle and burn fat

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DEAR FRIEND- Did you know that you can build lean, dense, functional muscle, while ALSO losing slabs of unwanted fat, simply from strategically combining periods of not eating with high intensity workouts?

Sounds crazy, right?

Let me explain...

I'm talking about fasted exercise here. Fasted exercise is simply not eating for a period of time (ie...intermittent fasting) and then going through a hard workout. Yes, you're reading that correctly.

Why would we do this?

Intermittent fasting has some very powerful hormonal benefits, especially in regards to building lean muscle, and burning body fat. 

By not eating for a while, and the going through a hard workout, we're able to take full advantage of many awesome hormonal benefits, that we may not be able to access if we workout right after eating.

In short- this is like the ultimate hack for getting really lean, and shedding pounds of unwanted body mass.

Pretty cool, right?

Now, fasted exercise may be all the rave right now, but that doesn't mean it's a "new thing". In fact, bodybuilders have been using fasted exercise for years to get down to low single digit body fat percentages. They're so of the leanest humans on Earth, so it's at least worth studying their methods.

Even if you have no desire to look or train like a bodybuilder (I know I sure don't) you can still take full advantage of fasted exercise in order to get into your best shape ever!

Brace yourself. Below I'm about to show a picture of my abs.

I use fasted exercise to stay in the single digits of body fat percent year round. Believe it or not, I'm not actually "trying to get abs". No. Visible abs are simply a by-product of my fasted exercise training. Not the other way around. 

I want to shift gears a little bit now and show you exactly everything you'll be getting in The Fasting Files course.

Everything you'll get in The Fasting Files course...

The Fasting Files course is broken into 5 video modules.

Upon successful checkout you'll have instant access to all 5 of them. Don't worry, you can watch them once, or watch them 10x each. They're all yours.

Here's what's cool though: Everything in this course is full backed by Science. You'll get instant access to every single [FULL] scientific study referenced throughout this course...not just the abstracts. This many not seem very *cool*, but this gives you a bullet-proof BS detector from so many fitness "gurus" out there.

Anyway, let's take a quick 30,000 foot look at the 5 modules:

Module 1 - Fasted Exercise Overview 

  • Discover the truth about fasted exercise that many "fitness gurus" have completely backwards

  • Discover the scientifically proven way to use fasted exercise to burn fat and build muscle the right way (Note: The Fasting Files are supported by 20+ scientific studies...not just the abstracts)

  • Discover the WORST time to workout during a fast that completely ruins the entire hormonal advantage of fasting

Module 2 - Types of fasting

  • Want to know which type of fasting is best for your lifestyle to make sure you don't crash and burn? After this module you'll know exactly that

  • Think you can just dive head first into fasting? Wrong! Fasting is a skill, and after this module you'll know exactly how to work up to longer fasts...without starving to death

Module 3 - How to setup a hunger emergency plan

  • Do you know the #1 worst mistake that most people make BEFORE they even start fasting, which all but guarantees they're going to fail right from the start? 

  • Do you know how to slay the hunger monster when it rears it's ugly head halfway through your fasting session? 

  • Do you know which "sugar free" drinks actually contain sugar, but that so many people think are "totally fine" to have while fasting?

Module 4 - Nutrient timing

  • Discover the "sneaky way" to eat after a hard workout that takes full advantage of hormones in the body to help you speed up fat loss, and drastically increase muscle gain

  • Fasted exercise means you can eat whatever you want, right? Wrong! Do you know the BEST foods to eat after a hard workout to maximize lean muscle?

  • Should you eat real food or drink a protein shake after a workout? Is one method superior to the other for building slabs of muscle and burning pounds of fat? You'll find out...

Module 5 - Three week high intensity fasted exercise plan

  • Harness the hormonal fat stripping power of high intensity fasted exercise to put a serious hurt on body fat, and start revealing your lean, dense head-turning muscle mass

  • A PROVEN scientifically backed protocol that separates fact from fiction, using physiology, principles of exercise science, and 100's of data points from real life to bring you real results

  • Discover exactly how to workout in 20-30 minutes from home, using high intensity dumbbell workouts to rev your metabolism, turn your body into a fat burning machine, and burn more calories just from sitting on the sofa

Ok my friend, here's the deal...

I'll send you all 5 modules in The Fasting Files course for the low price of just $32.95. 

Honestly, that's a drop in the bucket compared to spending tens of thousands of dollars for an exercise science degree (like I did), or even spending countless hours scouring the internet for scientific studies to mine these nuggets of gold from.

The Fasting Files are the perfect combination of the steak and the sizzle.

But, wait! Do you like FREE bonuses?

That was a trick question. Everyone loves FREE bonus gifts. 

Because I think you're an awesome human, I'm including a bunch of free bonus gifts with The Fasting Files. Let me tell you about them right now.

FREE Bonus gift #1.
The Dumbbell Dozen ($14.95 value)

  • Two weeks of high intensity dumbbell workout complexes that pack about an hours worth of working out in to a 20 minute (or less) workout

FREE Bonus gift #2.
The Two Week Plank Hold Challenge ($14.95 value)

  • Two weeks to work up to the hardest plank variation you can hold for 2 minutes straight. The perfect way end a hard workout

FREE Bonus gift #3. 
Keto- HIIT ($19.95 value)

  • Two weeks of blending the power of the KETO diet + high intensity interval training + intermittent fasting for rapid weight loss

FREE Bonus gift #4. 
Spartan Conditioning ($27.95 value)

  • Ninety days of building the conditioning (and body) of a Spartan warrior, using one of the most sinister workouts tools around; the sandbag

FREE Bonus gift #5. 
Unlimited access to all the juicy updates and add-ons to The Fasting Files (Probably valued at about $1 million dollars...ha, I'm joking. I have no idea about this one. You decide.)

  • I'm constantly adding new fasting videos to The Fasting Files playlist. However, I don't make most of these videos public, but once you join The Fasting Files course you'll have unlimited access to all the current (and future) fasting content.

Holy bonuses Batman. After all the dust settles that's over $77 worth of FREE bonus gifts + the invaluable unlimited access to The Fasting Files playlist!

And, if that's not a steal of a deal just to put your mind at ease even more let me tell you all about The Fasting Files money back guarantee.

30 Day 100% Money Back Guarantee

The Fasting Files comes with a 30 day 100% money back guarantee. If for any reason you are not 100% satisfied shoot me an email (within 30 days) and I'll issue you a complete refund of your purchase. No questions asked.


So my friend, ready to harness the scientifically proven muscle building, fat blasting power of fasted exercise?


Here's how to order The Fasting Files (plus bonus gifts).

Scroll to the top of this page and 
click the green "Add to Cart" button. You'll be taken to the secure checkout page to complete the process.

Upon successful checkout all The Fasting File modules + FREE bonus gifts will be emailed right over to you for instant download.

Looking forward to seeing you inside The Fasting Files.

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